Smartphone usage has been continuously increasing with the time and has become a key marketing tool for companies of all sizes. Therefore need of a mobile app arises as online activity continues to shift to mobile.
We develop mobile applications for devices such as apple Android or any other device or an Operating System. We use the latest technology and deliver the best product so you can achieve your business objectives. We will keep up with the performance and the usability of the application.
We will first develop the Android version of the application and test it on the market and test the performance before we move on to the Apple and Windows versions. We will do all three versions (Apple, Android, and Windows), if the customer requires it.




Madapatha Meter Taxi is a cab taxi service company in Sri Lanka .it was started in 2011 and from that day onward they have been giving customers the best experience a traveler can have. The app was basically developed for the convenience of their valuable customers. Stage 1 is developing the android version and it is now available on the app store.


Life style

Vivaha TV Program is produced by Event Media (Pvt) Ltd. Vivaha is the 1st production of the Company and it was started in 2009. The program is s till running on air successfully. Kinza fruitfully developed a mobile application for the client. The android version is now available on the app store.