Here at Kinza, we are highly skilled at designing customized software. We will listen to all your business needs and guide you through the use of the application and make sure the software meets all your expectations.
We will focus on your requirements and analyze your needs and perform a feasibility study and finally create the software according to the software requirement specifications and design with a user friendly interface. We will also do module vise testing to make sure the software meets all your business requirements
You will be involved in all throughout our process by logging in to our online system and you will be able to voice your concerns anytime you want.



Accounting system

The Construction Guarantee Fund (CGF) is a trust set up by Sri Lanka's government in 1999 with a view to assist construction contractors to overcome financial constraints, providing Guarantees and other securities which were being faced by them in performing contracts. Kinza developed an accounting application for CGF to easily manage the money flowing in and out of their business.


Office management system

Marutakeshi Japan is one of the most trusted construction companies in japan delivering high-quality buildings and infrastructure for all sorts of customers around the country. Kinza developed a project management system for the client to manage the projects buy start to finish with quotation inquiry to handing over the project respectively.


Restaurant management system

MOMO is a restaurant situated in Negombo offering Multi-Cuisines to their customers. MOMO team of Chefs has a passion and flair for great ingredients cooked simply. Kinza provided a restaurant management system for MOMO and currently maintain a healthy relationship with them.