Here at Kinza, we are highly skilled at designing customized software. We will listen to all your business needs and guide you through the use of the application and make sure the software meets all your expectations.
We will focus on your requirements and analyze your needs and perform a feasibility study and finally create the software according to the software requirement specifications and design with a user friendly interface. We will also do module vise testing to make sure the software meets all your business requirements
You will be involved in all throughout our process by logging in to our online system and you will be able to voice your concerns anytime you want.



Shipping Management System

Copart is a USA based company for Vehicle Auctions. They makes it easy for Members to find, bid and win the vehicles that they are looking for. Members can choose from classics, early and late model cars and trucks, industrial vehicles and more. They have more than 8,000 acres of land to house their extensive inventory, and they sell over two million vehicles globally each year. Kinza developed a Shipping Management System for their UAE Segment.


Total Business Solution

A F Raymonds is the leading Funeral Directors in Sri Lanka. Where their history runs to the 1885. Over the years they have served Prime Ministers as well as families from all walks of life. Kinza proudly provided them with a total business solution to automate the business process to make the Raymond’s management team smooth up the flow.


HRM, Accounting and Inventory Management

One of the largest Printing Solutions in Sri Lanka. Mass Scale receipt books, diaries to calendars to all sort of Print Media is being provided with the best quality. Most of the Commercial Banks and the government departments and agencies tend to obtain their service due to the higher customer satisfaction level they maintain. Kinza Provided a Personalized Business Solution including HRM, Accounting and Inventory Management


HR Management System

Dunhinda Garments is one of the largest T-Shirt manufacturers in the Clothing Industry in Sri Lanka. They provide services from stitching to printing and embroider. Kinza provided an advanced Human Resources Management System for the Garments to make the HR business flow run efficiently.


Accounting system

The Construction Guarantee Fund (CGF) is a trust set up by Sri Lanka's government in 1999 with a view to assist construction contractors to overcome financial constraints, providing Guarantees and other securities which were being faced by them in performing contracts. Kinza developed an accounting application for CGF to easily manage the money flowing in and out of their business.


Office management system

Marutakeshi Japan is one of the most trusted construction companies in japan delivering high-quality buildings and infrastructure for all sorts of customers around the country. Kinza developed a project management system for the client to manage the projects buy start to finish with quotation inquiry to handing over the project respectively.